Sunday, January 11, 2015

Kayla-Delaware Senior Photography

I first met Kayla's mother years ago when she was only about 10.  She was always a cute little girl but,  she has grown into a beautiful young woman.  These images are the beginning of her senior session.  We plan to finish up as the weather get above freezing.  :} Enjoy!!  

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Monday, November 17, 2014

The Pierson Family-Delaware Family Photography

This family was one of the fastest sessions I have ever done.  It felt a bit strange not to have taken longer.  The reason being was that the little folks sat and smiled and looked at the camera.  YAY!!  They are truly an adorable family.  Here are some favorites.  There were so many.  Enjoy!! 

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Sister Squared-Maryland Family Photography

I've known these two sisters for lots of years now and have enjoyed seeing their little ones grow.  I don't always get both of the sisters together but,  every few years they get together so they can get pictures of their families combined.  They children are adorable and so entertaining...lots of silly faces and energy here.  Here are my favorites.  Enjoy!!  

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Sweet H-Delaware Child Photography

I love this baby girl.  I first met her parents when they came to me about their wedding a few years ago.  It's hard to believe that a whole year has gone by since they first welcomed her into the world.  She as grown so much.  Here are a few from her session.  Enjoy!! 

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Mini Session Update-

I'm doing a small post here so that those of you who have scheduled a time for this Sunday's Mini Sessions will have an idea of what the set up will look like.  My daughter and her husband,  Jim,  stopped by this weekend with their little man and so I grabbed him quickly and we did a few shots.  Love him to pieces.  It's so great being a Gigi.  The candy cane image is what the mini sessions will look like.  I hope this will help you plan.  Call me with any questions.  Can't wait to see all the little ones coming.  Enjoy!  

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Megan & TJ-Delaware Engagement Photography

I love it when clients are so easy to work with but,  it can make it difficult to edit their session.  I want to keep them all and if you have ever had a session with me,  that can make for a lot of images.  I typically take a few shots,  talk a bit,  take a few more,  talk a bit more....and so on.  I know some of you out there are saying "Talk a bit?"  "Really?"  I can tend to be a chatty Cathy but,  I feel sometimes it helps people to relax.  The couple doesn't need my help at all.  They are naturals.  I love working with them and I can't wait until their big day gets here.  They brought their pups along for their session and we got a great shots with all of them but,  that is a surprise and I can't show it on here but,  it is adorable.  Here are my favorites.  Good luck them picking out their favorites.  I had a heck of a time.  Enjoy!!  

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The A Family-Delaware Family Photography

So many sessions and so little time.  Tis the season for family pictures and I have seen so many cute adorable little people in the past four weeks.  This family has two such little ones in their family.  Baby girl has the most amazing blue eyes.  Her big brother was hoot...he even brought his "farmer phone"  to the session just in case he had an important call.  Ahhh to be a child again.  Love their whole thought process.  This session was fast paced with some Play doh bribing involved.  It's totally legal :}  Here are my favorites.  Enjoy!!  

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Monday, November 10, 2014

The Two Ladies "L"-Delaware Family Photography

When my oldest daughter was only around five,  she was in a Daisy troop.  She met two friends in that group of little girls.  Little did we know that nearly 25 years later,  the three of them would still be the best of friends.  There's something to be said for friends like that.  You know the kind that have little things about them that you sometimes don't like but,  you love them just the same.   This lady pictured here with her own little girl is one of my daughters oldest and dearest friends.  When she was little,  she was very independent.  She would let us grown ups know when she thought we weren't doing something just right.  I think on it now,  and it makes me smile.  She's all grown up herself now with a wonderful little girl of her own.  She has turned into an amazing young women ....and you guessed it...still very independent.  My daughter is lucky to have her as a friend.  I was thrilled to be able to capture these memories for her.  I hope she will always look back at them and smile.  Enjoy!!  

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